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P5 Lightweight Domestic Trailer  (5' L x 3' 4.5" W)
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Recommended PPE

Designed for light use and tow-able by most cars, the P5's deep sides ensure load volume is not compromised.  Ideal for many uses including moving domestic appliances, small machines, trips to the garden centre and for family holidays away in the car. 

  • Towable on a standard car licence (Cat. B)

  • Jockey wheel for easy manoeuvrability

  • Prop stands for safer loading and unloading

  • Tarpaulin cover ideal for family camping trips

  • Fits through narrower gateways

  • Spare wheel

  • Unbraked

  • Tailgate

Required for Transport

Model:  Ifor Williams P5

Gross Weight:  500 kg

Unladen Weight:  142 kg

Max. Load Weight: 358 kg

Internal Length: 1.53 m

Internal Width: 1.02 m

Overall Length: 2.81 m

Overall Width:  1.41 m

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